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Rafting in Nepal

In terms of water and Rivers Nepal is considered second richest country in the world. Because of suitable geographical location Rafting in Nepalese Rivers gives insurmountable pleasure to anyone who is seriously interested in rafting. So, Nepal is earning the reputation of being one of the best places in the world for rafting. Rafting in Nepal combines spectacular Rivers, mountain scenery, wild life and rich cultural heritage, which makes Nepal an obvious River runner’s destination.

For the purpose of rafting Nepalese Rivers are graded on an international scale from class 1 to 6. This grading is made on the basis of difficulty- class 1 is defined as easy moving water with few obstacles, and class 6 is considered nearly impossible to negotiate and a hazard to life. A person who is physically fit and did not afraid with water can safely go rafting on Rivers with grading from 1 to 3. But the rafters who wants to go rafting on Rivers more than grade 3, physical fitness and did not afraid with water would not sufficient. They should be active, confident in water and preferably have some rafting experience.

The best time for rafting in Nepal is September to early December and March to early June. The Rivers can be extremely high with monsoon from June to August. The monsoon rain arrive and the Rivers carry 10 times their low water flow, and can flood with 60 to 80 time as much. High flows can obviously make Rivers much more difficult. So, any expeditions attempted at this time require very experienced rafting company, strong team and considerably more confident. Rivers trips last from one to several days and your choice depends on the time available and where you are heading. White water varies with the time of year as the Rivers rise and fall dramatically during the season, depending on rainfall and snow melt.

Trisuli River Rafting

The Trisuli River is known as the River of classic. Trisuli River Rafting is one of the cheapest trips available in Nepal. The best white water can be found on

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Kali Gandaki River Rafting

Kali Gandaki River is known as the river of God. The Kali Gandaki is an excellent medium length River trip made easy by the completion of the road from Pokhara

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Karnali River Rafting

The Karnali River is the longest and the largest River in Nepal which runs in the western part of Nepal. The most commonly rafted section is from Sauli (Doti) to

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Sunkoshi River Rafting

Sunkoshi River Rafting is the longest River rafting offered in the Nepal which is about 270km.from Dolalghat to Chatara. Many people consider Sunkoshi River rafting to be one of the

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Seti River Rafting

Seti River, River of White Water runs through the western region of Nepal. The Seti is an excellent two day trip in an isolated area with beautiful jungle and plenty

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Bhotekoshi River Rafting

Three hours towards the east from Kathmandu valley, the Bhotekoshi is one of the best two day rafting trip to be found in the Nepal. The usual Bhotekoshi River Rafting

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Dudh Koshi Rafting

Dudh Koshi River Rafting is one of the major white water rafting in eastern Nepal. Dudh Koshi origins from the region of the highest mountain in the world known as the Everest

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Marsyangdi River Rafting

Marsyangdi River Rafting gives you the ultimate experience of river rafting. Marsyangdi River Rafting is considered among the paradise river for the white water rafting lovers in Nepal. Marsyangdi means 'Raging River'

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Tamur River Rafting

Tamur River is the sixth largest river in Nepal. Tamur River Rafting is one of the complete adventure trips in Nepal including the remote part of eastern Nepal with beautiful views of some

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